Sheer Enjoyment

I’ve made no secret of complaining about our recent cold snap, but today was nearly 70 and mostly cloudy with a few peeks of sunshine. I was out in the yard struggling with the work I was doing and looked up at the sky, asking Robert aloud why he left so soon. The words were barely out of my mouth when the clouds parted and a big ol’ ray of sun came down, shining only on the area I was standing. He was saying, “What do you mean ‘left’?” I needed that reminder and I took a deep breath and stood there soaking up the sunshine for as long as the clouds allowed.

It made me think back to how long it had been since I simply took the time to enjoy nature without any distraction. Sadly, I couldn’t recall. This photo is from my early years, and I strongly remember snapping photos of this spectacular sunset. At some point it occured to me to lower the camera and just enjoy the one-of-a-kind miracle around me.

So I am making a new daily “to do” – to simply stop and soak in the natural beauty around me. The same as the “stop and smell the roses” advice. How long has it been since you paused for the sheer enjoyment of the moment? Let’s do this!

Never Alone

A year ago tonight I snapped this iphone photo from the cemetary where a family member is at peace. I remember the passing thought that it can be a lonely place, but this photo confirms the opposite. Our beloveds who have crossed over can never be alone with trees full of prosper, a soft and colorful sunset, a drifting cloud, and a bright crescent moon. And I trust that the spirits of those we miss most are communing with it all. They are never alone. Maybe that thought can help those of us left behind feel less that way. Maybe.

In the Beginning…

When I get stuck, Robert whispers to me from Heaven…”Go back to the beginning”. Somehow I always know what he is referring to. Most recently my photography has been on my mind. He is pointing me to the moment that, for me, confirmed what people were telling me….I can take some great photos.

This is the first one that knocked my own socks off. Not bragging, but showing you where it really started. Robert’s whispers have sent me in search of a feeling, inspiration, and renewed self-confidence. Thank you sweetheart ❤

Winter? in Louisiana?

Mother Nature may be on hiatus, because we aren’t really sure what season this is. This morning I drove 15 minutes before the car showed it got over 28 degrees. Definitely heater weather. Lunch break temp was 76!! Definitely AC weather, until the car cooled off.

I can’t help but notice how the weather has been mimicking my recent emotions. You may recall that my husband died suddenly a few months ago. I have barely made any posts because I lost my motivation. But today, Mother Nature seems to have inspired me. Thank you, lady 🙂

Cypress Sentinels

File Jul 24, 9 25 20 PMFile Jul 24, 9 29 34 PMFile Jul 24, 9 46 31 PM

Morning, noon, and night, the cypress trees on Lake Bistineau remain vigilant, constant keepers of the lake.  These photos show trees at sunrise, late afternoon, and evening. Moods are different in each photo, but what is so consistent is that these trees are steadfast in not only their size, but also the importance of their placement of the lake.

During draw-down of this lake, the trees become recognizable markers for people who travel out onto the dry lake bed.  I definitely have “go to” trees that are my favorite to photograph.

Once again today, I can’t help but see the analogy between humans and cypress trees. Throughout the years of my life, I have come to know that certain people show up as my “rock” –  and consistently show up, and are dependable.  Cypress trees?  Check.  Indeed.