Friends All Around

I like to think I am observant when I am photographing Nature. Here in Louisiana there are plenty of things to watch for too, like gators, tarantulas, poisonous snakes, and unlimited swarms of mosquitos 😁

The scene in this photo captured my attention because it didn’t take long to notice a whole family of little creatures sitting among these cypress roots and knees. Meerkats, gophers, a racoon, and several others revealed themselves.

This photo reminds me that I don’t always need to watch out for the bad; sometimes simply take the time to look for friends all around. What do you see?


Those moments in your life when comfort is beyond words, where do you seek peace? What is precious enough to you that you can not only empty yourself of sorrow or anger but also fill yourself with beauty and positivity from it?

Find that place or thing because there will always come a time when you need to draw from it and you will be grateful it was there for you. Choose a constant in your life so it can never fail you, and you will always find your way back to balance.

My special place and time has always been sunrise over Lake Bistineau where I live, and I plan to be there waiting tomorrow morning. Much needed with much gratitude.

Waiting For Summer Sweetness

Egrets are waiting. I am waiting. Everyone is trying to be patient as Spring takes its time to return. Another few days in the upper 60’s sure has seemed to put it in motion.

“Patience is bitter but its fruit is sweet.” –Jean Jacques-Rousseau

Waiting for summer sweetness, but I won’t complain about our recent mild days.

The Itch is Real

It happens every year in January here in North Louisiana. A weekend in the 70’s, and this weekend was it. For me it signals Spring, and I get the yearn to be out photographing its arrival. But we will endure a couple more short cold snaps and then one day I see jonquils and sweet violets blooming. It’s coming soon, but for now I will have to bear the itch a little longer.

Face of the Divine

Many of us delight in caressing smooth new baby cheeks, the years-worn wrinkled hands and faces of the aged, and the softness of our beloved pets.

This photo is my favorite hugging tree. And I just love laying my hands on the bark of that cypress, the face of my beautiful friend, just like I have done to my beloved Robert’s cheeks.

For me, it’s a communion, a loving oneness. Nothing and everything is communicated during the silent touch, and I will continue to see the Divine in all the faces around me.

In the Beginning…

When I get stuck, Robert whispers to me from Heaven…”Go back to the beginning”. Somehow I always know what he is referring to. Most recently my photography has been on my mind. He is pointing me to the moment that, for me, confirmed what people were telling me….I can take some great photos.

This is the first one that knocked my own socks off. Not bragging, but showing you where it really started. Robert’s whispers have sent me in search of a feeling, inspiration, and renewed self-confidence. Thank you sweetheart ❤


Happy 2018!! Hoping that each day of your new year holds magical and beautiful discoveries for you.

It’s been a longer hiatus than expected. In addition to my husband’s death, I was physically ill but thought I was feeling so bad because of grief.

I have put myself, my home, my mind, and most importantly my spirit in order and am ready to roll again. Thank you all of sticking with me. I hope you are looking forward to this new year as much as I am.