Waking Up

While a few parts of North Louisiana are waking up, overall it still looks like Winter is here. Maybe Mother Nature knows something we don’t know. The sun sure did make a nice, warm glow this afternoon. Hundreds of chorus frogs are singing in the rain-filled ditches. A nearby great egret was soaking up afternoon sunshine.

This warmer weather makes it more pleasant to get out and do things and to tolerate a few more weeks of Winter. Thanks Mamma N; I trust you know what you’re doing.

Waiting For Summer Sweetness

Egrets are waiting. I am waiting. Everyone is trying to be patient as Spring takes its time to return. Another few days in the upper 60’s sure has seemed to put it in motion.

“Patience is bitter but its fruit is sweet.” –Jean Jacques-Rousseau

Waiting for summer sweetness, but I won’t complain about our recent mild days.

The Itch is Real

It happens every year in January here in North Louisiana. A weekend in the 70’s, and this weekend was it. For me it signals Spring, and I get the yearn to be out photographing its arrival. But we will endure a couple more short cold snaps and then one day I see jonquils and sweet violets blooming. It’s coming soon, but for now I will have to bear the itch a little longer.

Living by the Seasons

Being a Nature photographer means living by the seasons. And this winter season is exceptional for some reason. The cold has been colder and the gray has been grayer. Maybe my lingering grief is clouding my perception, but some days, the sunshine brings my only smile, but even that is a positive. Looking forward to Spring. You too?

American Dream

Finally a Louisiana winter day that was nice enough to sit on the back porch and enjoy watching Lucy the rat terrier frolic around the yard. She was obviously happy too.

I snapped this photo with my phone as I was making a mental list of what I plan to do with tonight’s lottery winnings…did you get your chance at the $1B??

I looked at the photo and felt warm fuzzy go through me because this corner of the earth makes me smile with love. And then I realized, THIS is my American dream. I get to live in this beautiful area and see the most amazing things. I am creating a comfy cozy kind of life and it’s exactly where I want to be. I admit, even a piece of a billion dollars would be great, but even that much money will never make my heart sing like the back yard 😊

Winter? in Louisiana?

Mother Nature may be on hiatus, because we aren’t really sure what season this is. This morning I drove 15 minutes before the car showed it got over 28 degrees. Definitely heater weather. Lunch break temp was 76!! Definitely AC weather, until the car cooled off.

I can’t help but notice how the weather has been mimicking my recent emotions. You may recall that my husband died suddenly a few months ago. I have barely made any posts because I lost my motivation. But today, Mother Nature seems to have inspired me. Thank you, lady 🙂