Finding Joy

This photo is from a few years back. It crossed my mind after hearing that our forecast is calling for lots of rain this week.

The mom in this photo brought her little girl from a nearby home to splash around in the flood water of Lake Bistineau.

When I took the photo, I immediately loved it because it is a reminder to me that even when situations appear bad, there is always hope and joy to be found in the simple things.

Like My New Outfit?

Since I began taking nature photos, I have considered myself a “purist” of sorts. I don’t prefer to modify my photos, keeping them the way they were taken.

Rarely, I sample some photo programs and the photo above is one of them. I was impressed and kept it. A few days ago I came across it and it occured to me that putting a different look on a photo is akin to me simply putting on a new outfit. The original me is still there, just stylin’ a different way. See……

Outfits can be changed for any occasion but as long as the original can be enjoyed unchanged, I am OK with that. You may see more designer looks from me in the future!

Good Day For Big Change

Taking a cue from my constant mentor, this season of my life is going to subtly change and evolve into something new. The signs will be small, til one day, with a gasp and a “WOW”, I will say “I’ve arrived!!”

So that the quality of my posts improve, I am going to continue blogging but less often; maybe a couple of times a week. I have 3 exciting projects coming up that I want to give my attention to so when the time is right, I can share the good news!

Thanks to all of you who follow my blog, like my posts, and send your compliments and well-wishes. I appreciate your encouragement and support and I hope you stick with me. At the end of last year I “disappeared” after my husband died, but this good change will show it’s the right move to make. Much love!

Lessons From Buddy

Buddy wandered onto our back porch one hot summer day, a sack of fur and bones. We took care of him and he became one of the family. He was generally a happy-go-lucky dog, but there were moments when he looked deeply sad, and as if he wanted so badly to speak words. I always ran to get the camera at those times. They seemed crucial and his look spoke volumes to me. I especially liked how I could always see myself reflected in those big, deep eyes and I know we made a soul connection at those times.

One day Buddy disappeared as suddenly as he showed up. I am glad for the wonderful months we had with him.

When I look at those eyes it makes me wonder about the humans in our lives. Do we treat them with compassion? Do we notice when they have something to say or need a hug? Do we see ourselves reflected in them? If so, love exists, and that’s the real goal, right?

Sheer Enjoyment

I’ve made no secret of complaining about our recent cold snap, but today was nearly 70 and mostly cloudy with a few peeks of sunshine. I was out in the yard struggling with the work I was doing and looked up at the sky, asking Robert aloud why he left so soon. The words were barely out of my mouth when the clouds parted and a big ol’ ray of sun came down, shining only on the area I was standing. He was saying, “What do you mean ‘left’?” I needed that reminder and I took a deep breath and stood there soaking up the sunshine for as long as the clouds allowed.

It made me think back to how long it had been since I simply took the time to enjoy nature without any distraction. Sadly, I couldn’t recall. This photo is from my early years, and I strongly remember snapping photos of this spectacular sunset. At some point it occured to me to lower the camera and just enjoy the one-of-a-kind miracle around me.

So I am making a new daily “to do” – to simply stop and soak in the natural beauty around me. The same as the “stop and smell the roses” advice. How long has it been since you paused for the sheer enjoyment of the moment? Let’s do this!

No Defense

Once again, as nature becomes my analogy for life, the fact that nature never needs to defend itself crept into my thoughts today.

The delicate, gorgeous fern leaf never has a need to defend how long it takes to unfurl, how wide its leaves stretch, or how large it will grow. It simply is, and is allowed to be what it is. And all other nature around it does not question the fern either. Nature is allowing and forgiving, and 100% is-what-it-is.

Not so much with humans, but now that it has strongly come into my awareness, my new task at hand is to stop standing in defense of myself, and to also be more accepting of others. Thank you Mother Nature – (and Robert).

Winter’s Void

Lots of adjectives describe winter but today I connect with “void”. There are recents voids in my life and sometimes it feels like winter’s chill goes all the way to my core.

Of course, we know that without winter there can’t be a spring, so I have to consciously remind myself that the sun’s warmth, the tender greens, and the blossoms that make me smile are already in process and on the way to make me forget that a void ever existed.

Thank you Mother Nature. Your seasons are a perfect analogies for many of my life’s happenings.

Winter? in Louisiana?

Mother Nature may be on hiatus, because we aren’t really sure what season this is. This morning I drove 15 minutes before the car showed it got over 28 degrees. Definitely heater weather. Lunch break temp was 76!! Definitely AC weather, until the car cooled off.

I can’t help but notice how the weather has been mimicking my recent emotions. You may recall that my husband died suddenly a few months ago. I have barely made any posts because I lost my motivation. But today, Mother Nature seems to have inspired me. Thank you, lady 🙂


A dancing dragonfly catches my attention before lightly grasping onto the tassle of a cornstalk.

Nearby the cornstalk a grandfather cottonwood stands tall. Its’ leaves wave to me in the light breeze.

A low-hanging, quickly shifting opaque cloud grazes the highest branches of the cottonwood as they greet the day together.

Bright blue sky appears in tiny glimpses as sunshine kisses the cloud farewell.

All that exists is perfection, and I am one with it all.