Finding Joy

This photo is from a few years back. It crossed my mind after hearing that our forecast is calling for lots of rain this week.

The mom in this photo brought her little girl from a nearby home to splash around in the flood water of Lake Bistineau.

When I took the photo, I immediately loved it because it is a reminder to me that even when situations appear bad, there is always hope and joy to be found in the simple things.


I love how Nature always has a message for me. Deep into spring, I am careful to watch the daily changes in the landscape. Each day new flowers and trees are blooming. The top row of buds on this wisteria opened this morning. Lightly covered in pine pollen, its petals popped out with exhuberance. Kind of like the 2017 me, I thought. It’s my year to say YES and so many fantastic things have been coming my way. I am emerging too…with exhuberance!! 

Right Now


The approach of a cold front has me looking through some of my Louisiana “wintery” photos this evening.  I just love this photo.  It was a very quiet and still that morning, laden with fog and frost.  I stopped briefly to take the shot and the horses never even looked up.  What strikes me most about the photo is how that tree looms through the fog in the background.

And guess what?  That tree is gone now.  I was sad to see it go, and this evening reminded me again that appreciating what we have and what is around us right now is so very important because we never know how long it will be here.

I appreciate you for spending some time to look at my photo, and just maybe, to connect with what I wrote and to pass on your gratitude to others too.  Thank you.

Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Second day in a row that this lovely sight greeted me when I exited off the bridge. I opened up the phone camera, put down the passenger side window, and snapped away. 

What holds my attention most though, is that one big blue heron in the midst of all those great egrets. They aren’t bugging him either. 

Why can’t humans practice that example?  I will keep up the hope for that though. 

Sacred Stone Friend (3 of 6 in a series)

2016-08-17 22.16.25 HDR

This is a most precious stone to me that came from the home of the famous Louisiana artist, Clyde Connell.  I acquired it on a visit through the home when I was considering buying it.  She is the role model that inspires the artist in me.

Sacred Stone Friend’s Message: I know you carry feelings of guilt about “stealing” me from the home, but you need to know that, in fact, I had chosen YOU. Out of the hundreds of stones in the home and on the property, I was one of the smallest, hidden in a basket that appeared discarded.  Even though I was covered in dust, you recognized the signal I sent, and carried me home to remind you not only of the lady who is such an inspiration to you, but also to be a constant reminder to draw on Nature and the world around you as your inspiration.  Also, please do be gentle on yourself, like the smooth softness you feel when you hold me in your hand.

Faith in Gray

I left the office today and the skies were overcast. I was almost happy about that after our recent triple digits. I thought, “this gray is good!”  

The analogy came to me immediately. The stress I am feeling about all of the polarized topics lately, politics, social issues, personal issues, etc., has left me without my gray areas (comfort zones). Feeling too strongly one way or another or thinking that anything needs to be “black or white” is out of balance for me. 

I miss my gray areas. But I do have faith that I am in the process of getting back there. I have faith in gray. 

Fire and Rain

File Jul 22, 1 51 14 PM

“Oh, I’ve seen fire, and I’ve seen rain.” -JTaylor

Some days I can’t help but be so grateful that I have a long commute to work through lots of countryside.  Every day is different, and I have come to measure the seasons of my life by it.  Some days are more eye-catching than others, like today.  I didn’t even mind driving in rain because I got to watch this for most of my way to work.


Big Joy in Small Things

File Jun 22, 9 35 18b AM

Morning delight is looking over the local fields on my AM commute. Honestly, I have come to measure seasons of my life by those fields, aging right along with the corn as it turns from seed to harvested gold. Born and raised in Northeast Iowa, I am also fascinated by how fast the corn grows and matures in Northwest Louisiana heat and humidity. This photo was taken this morning, but in Iowa, field corn is doing good if it is “knee high by the 4th of July”. Thanks to all of the hardworking farmers in the USA who keep food on our tables.

This Much Beauty In A Day

Yesterday was an eventful sky watcher’s day in Northwest Louisiana. During most of the day, huge, white puffy clouds foretold afternoon rains. Rain did, indeed fall in the afternoon; 5 inches in just over an hour to be exact where a certain large cell passed over. It rained so hard I had to pull over and wait. But Mother Nature has taught me one thing well: After a rainstorm there will be a spectacular sunset to be enjoyed!


#Cloudporn in downtown Shreveport (Caddo Parish) around 12:30 PM

6.20.16 clouds web copyright kristine carrier


Buckets of rain falling in rural Bossier Parish around 4:45 PM

6.20.16 rainstorm web copyright kristine carrier


Sunset over Lake Bistineau, Bienville Parish around 8:30 PM

6.20.16 sunset lakeb web copyright kristine carrier