Good Day For Big Change

Taking a cue from my constant mentor, this season of my life is going to subtly change and evolve into something new. The signs will be small, til one day, with a gasp and a “WOW”, I will say “I’ve arrived!!”

So that the quality of my posts improve, I am going to continue blogging but less often; maybe a couple of times a week. I have 3 exciting projects coming up that I want to give my attention to so when the time is right, I can share the good news!

Thanks to all of you who follow my blog, like my posts, and send your compliments and well-wishes. I appreciate your encouragement and support and I hope you stick with me. At the end of last year I “disappeared” after my husband died, but this good change will show it’s the right move to make. Much love!

In the Beginning…

When I get stuck, Robert whispers to me from Heaven…”Go back to the beginning”. Somehow I always know what he is referring to. Most recently my photography has been on my mind. He is pointing me to the moment that, for me, confirmed what people were telling me….I can take some great photos.

This is the first one that knocked my own socks off. Not bragging, but showing you where it really started. Robert’s whispers have sent me in search of a feeling, inspiration, and renewed self-confidence. Thank you sweetheart ❀


Happy 2018!! Hoping that each day of your new year holds magical and beautiful discoveries for you.

It’s been a longer hiatus than expected. In addition to my husband’s death, I was physically ill but thought I was feeling so bad because of grief.

I have put myself, my home, my mind, and most importantly my spirit in order and am ready to roll again. Thank you all of sticking with me. I hope you are looking forward to this new year as much as I am.

Winter? in Louisiana?

Mother Nature may be on hiatus, because we aren’t really sure what season this is. This morning I drove 15 minutes before the car showed it got over 28 degrees. Definitely heater weather. Lunch break temp was 76!! Definitely AC weather, until the car cooled off.

I can’t help but notice how the weather has been mimicking my recent emotions. You may recall that my husband died suddenly a few months ago. I have barely made any posts because I lost my motivation. But today, Mother Nature seems to have inspired me. Thank you, lady πŸ™‚

Human Nature


Plenty of empty hours recently have given me opportunity to examine just about every area of my life. One of the nearest and dearest to my heart is my connection to Mother Nature, which is obvious by my posts over the past year and a half.

But yet in these past few weeks, Human Nature has shown up to be so very important to me. Time and again, when I have felt so very low, a call or message or card in the mail has raised me up. Maybe I have been missing something all along. After all, everything that exists is the one body of life. And honestly, I have intentionally tried to keep myself apart from the thing that I cannot separate from.

I keep coming back to this photo.  It is my Robert, who recently passed, loving up on his sister, Lauri. Yep, I asked them to take a posed photo, but Robert isn’t posing at all. He is in total communion; with the warmth of the sunshine, with the smell of the jasmine blooming behind them, with the birds singing around them, and with his sister’s heart. I can read his face and he was in the place of ONENESS with all that exists, and so at peace to be there.

So for a while, I am going to post photos that feature more of the Human Nature around me. Maybe I will learn where Mother Nature and Human Nature become one. I hope that I will learn from Robert’s example and feel the oneness more often, because it looks pretty darn good.