10 Magical Moments DAY 10

10 Magical Moments in Northwest Louisiana DAY 10!

This evening I watched the dusty orange of sunset creep across the sky and disappear all too soon. It reminded me of this bold orange sunset. This photo is not altered; it was truly that spectacular. During my 16 years here in NWLA, I can count on one hand how many times a sunset was so amazing that it made me put the camera down. And just those few have had me chasing “tween time” ever since. It’s that time between sun visible and sunlight gone; a magical time in itself. The bold color and breathtaking glow comes 10-15 minutes after the sun has disappeared. It is worth waiting for.

The boat coming in for the day in this photo was a perk and brought my attention back to photographing. I always tell Mother Nature goodnight and thank her for sharing tween time with me. There is so much to be grateful for, but once in a while take the time to just watch, breathe in peace, and thank the lucky stars that you had the opportunity. Keep looking up and around, friends. Find the magic.

10 Magical Moments DAY 9

10 Magical Moments in Northwest Louisiana DAY 9!

It’s easy for me to lose hours of my life sitting on the bank of the lake, watching and listening; I soak it all in. “Heaven on Earth” is what I call shots like this. These clouds look like they are floating on the water with the lotus leaves. It is hypnotic to watch how the light of the sky and the contrast of the deep green leaves share the dance of life; Heaven on Earth.

It’s a gift to not only spend peaceful time with nature, but to look a little deeper and understand that we are a part of the beautiful plan. Dance along with it.

10 Magical Moments DAY 8

10 Magical Moments in Northwest Louisiana DAY 8!

Many of my most spectacular moments are completely unplanned. This day I was chasing a swallowtail through some underbrush before it got away. On my way back, I stepped around a low, wet area and my eye caught a brief movement. When I fully focused, the short crawfish “chimney” made me gasp with delight because I knew what my eye had seen…a live crawfish! Now, if you have the time, I urge you to go looking for a crawfish hut. You can find them in ditches and swampy areas.

If there was a downside to this very cool experience, it was that when I walked up, the crawfish disappeared down the hole. I was standing on an incline, toes scrunching into my shoes, holding my breath, camera poised, waiting for several minutes before the crawfish peeked out. I was more than overjoyed to watch it retrieve and roll ball after ball of mud clay to the top and shape the hut that would protect it from a long, hot summer. It was probably a once in a career opportunity, and still smile big when I look at this photo today.

10 Magical Moments DAY 7

10 Magical Moments in Northwest Louisiana DAY 7!

This used to be “just a leaf” when I was younger. When the seasons start to turn faster, we realize that we’d like life to move slower. We long for time to notice what has been passing us by. No longer “just a leaf” – I see my whole self reflected. I really had never taken the time to look so deeply at a leaf. As I reached out to touch it, the veins in my wrist stood out like the veins in this leaf, and I was reminded of the unity that our Creator has breathed into all of life.

My wish for you is that in the near future you find what sparks your soul to not only recall, but to feel the lifeforce that connects everything and know you are kin to it all.

10 Magical Moments DAY 6

10 Magical Moments in Northwest Louisiana DAY 6!

The right conditions make the unseen knowable. Like spiderwebs. But the perfect conditions make them breathtaking. A crisp and humid fall morning will prove this to you and when you find it; you won’t want to take your eyes away….unless the creator shows up! (Photo 2).

Many other things show up beautifully with morning dew, like cocoons, dragonfly wings, dried grasses, and fall fruits. Nature is quite silent in those conditions as well, so take your time to explore and expect to find a spectacular gift from Mother Nature!

10 Magical Moments DAY 5

10 Magical Moments Not to Miss in Northwest Louisiana DAY 5!

Most lakes in this area have huge lotus in them. While the flowers are beautiful on their own, the leaves are eye-catching too. Standing on the bank of Caney Lake one day, I was taking wide landscape shots and looked down to see this. Normally I don’t prefer to photograph decay, but these lotus leaves and driftwood were a real work of art. The hearty green was still there, but the withering brown areas were the character. And that piece of driftwood looked like a dragon sneaking through. I have found many things floating on water, but this was by far the most interesting and unique. The next time you are on an advenure, enjoy looking around, but don’t forget to look down!

10 Magical Moments DAY 4

10 Magical Moments Not to Miss in Northwest Louisiana DAY 4!

We have all driven in the rain, but have you sat in the open and let a rainstorm come over you? Of course you’d want to be safe about this. One day I saw this beautifully innocent cloud approaching and the rain began to fall. I stayed because I was mesmerized by how breathtaking it was with the sun shining through, and remained after the first few big drops began to fall.

It didn’t last long, but it was definitely a special event for me. Connecting with Mother Nature is always special, and this time felt like a real gift. Keep your eyes on the skies and enjoy this connection for yourself!

10 Magical Moments DAY 3

10 Magical Moments Not to Miss in Northwest Louisiana DAY 3!

Spring is my favorite season. Earth comes alive and there is something new to see each day. One of my favorite fascinations are these woodland ferns. Every year I check on them, monitoring how they raise their heads up through the earth, looking for the sun, and unfurl into 3-4 foot fronds!

Of course many plants are growing, but these ferns make their transformation in just a few hours. Goodness knows I have tried to watch them in process, but cannot see the change with my eye. A half hour later I can return and it looks like a whole new plant. Find some of these beauties for yourself and take delight in all of their fascinating stages.

10 Magical Moments DAY 2

10 Magical Moments Not to Miss in Northwest Louisiana DAY 2!

Cattails are one of my favorites. After pulling my car over to admire a large group of them one day, I noticed a bird hovering above. A sudden breeze revealed the bird’s interest; a nest. It made several attempts to land but abuptly flew off each time. On the final return…surprise! A baby popped up high with hungry mouth wide open. That moment of joy made my day and I happily left the little family to carry on. Now I keep in mind that the seemingly ordinary can behold the extraordinary!

10 Magical Moments DAY 1

10 Magical Moments Not to Miss in Northwest Louisiana DAY 1!

Too many people miss the delightful feeling of watching the sun rise. Rather than finding a wide open space, I prefer to choose a secret spot to watch the sunlight creep into. It’s almost like playing a game of tag with rays of the sun until they find you. Here, the cool morning air on Lake Bistineau offered mist between the cypress trees to give the sunshine a mystical feeling. Find your special spot and enjoy!