10 Magical Moments DAY 10

10 Magical Moments in Northwest Louisiana DAY 10!

This evening I watched the dusty orange of sunset creep across the sky and disappear all too soon. It reminded me of this bold orange sunset. This photo is not altered; it was truly that spectacular. During my 16 years here in NWLA, I can count on one hand how many times a sunset was so amazing that it made me put the camera down. And just those few have had me chasing “tween time” ever since. It’s that time between sun visible and sunlight gone; a magical time in itself. The bold color and breathtaking glow comes 10-15 minutes after the sun has disappeared. It is worth waiting for.

The boat coming in for the day in this photo was a perk and brought my attention back to photographing. I always tell Mother Nature goodnight and thank her for sharing tween time with me. There is so much to be grateful for, but once in a while take the time to just watch, breathe in peace, and thank the lucky stars that you had the opportunity. Keep looking up and around, friends. Find the magic.

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