10 Magical Moments DAY 8

10 Magical Moments in Northwest Louisiana DAY 8!

Many of my most spectacular moments are completely unplanned. This day I was chasing a swallowtail through some underbrush before it got away. On my way back, I stepped around a low, wet area and my eye caught a brief movement. When I fully focused, the short crawfish “chimney” made me gasp with delight because I knew what my eye had seen…a live crawfish! Now, if you have the time, I urge you to go looking for a crawfish hut. You can find them in ditches and swampy areas.

If there was a downside to this very cool experience, it was that when I walked up, the crawfish disappeared down the hole. I was standing on an incline, toes scrunching into my shoes, holding my breath, camera poised, waiting for several minutes before the crawfish peeked out. I was more than overjoyed to watch it retrieve and roll ball after ball of mud clay to the top and shape the hut that would protect it from a long, hot summer. It was probably a once in a career opportunity, and still smile big when I look at this photo today.

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