Lessons From Buddy

Buddy wandered onto our back porch one hot summer day, a sack of fur and bones. We took care of him and he became one of the family. He was generally a happy-go-lucky dog, but there were moments when he looked deeply sad, and as if he wanted so badly to speak words. I always ran to get the camera at those times. They seemed crucial and his look spoke volumes to me. I especially liked how I could always see myself reflected in those big, deep eyes and I know we made a soul connection at those times.

One day Buddy disappeared as suddenly as he showed up. I am glad for the wonderful months we had with him.

When I look at those eyes it makes me wonder about the humans in our lives. Do we treat them with compassion? Do we notice when they have something to say or need a hug? Do we see ourselves reflected in them? If so, love exists, and that’s the real goal, right?

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