Guest Blogger – Robert Hooper

This is a photo of my husband, Robert, who suddenly died five months ago today, and likely now exists in everything else you see in this photo – and he would have told you that himself. When I took this photo he was on the back side of one of the ponds on his parents’ property, looking across at the home he was raised in. They live next door to our home, and he spent many hours in those woods.

I want to share what he wrote about one of those experiences:

“Meditating under the dogwood, I picked up a star-shaped leaf from the ground. Upon examining it, my eyes fix on a tiny speck and in that speck I saw myself under the dogwood, looking at a star-shaped leaf, peering at a speck seeing the same; seeing myself under a tree with eyes fixed on a speck on a star-shaped leaf, and so on. I began to wonder if I, too, was a speck on a star-shaped leaf being observed by myself. I realized that in looking into that small, star-shaped leaf, I was looking into infinity.”

Yes, I was fortunate, so very fortunate, to spend nearly 16 years with this man who was wholly connected to nature and the universe. I learned so much from him and we shared some of the best experiences of my life.

Yesterday I promised that today I would show you what my friend called “uniquely perfect” and here it is:

This is a memorial globe, created with some of Robert’s ashes, resting under a tree crafted of copper wire. Everything about it speaks “Robert”, my fellow lover of Nature. It sits atop a slice of his favorite Louisiana tree, dogwood. I love this piece and I love that he will always be my daily reminder to embrace all of Mother Nature’s gifts and to keep seeking the connection in it all.

I hope his words inspired you as well.

5 thoughts on “Guest Blogger – Robert Hooper

  1. Lu

    Words to live by…we are all specs in the universe …we are the care takers of Mother Earth ….so far that is not happening!! There is so much we can do to live without fossil fuels!
    Growing non fertilize foods is another……
    I could go on on!
    Bless Robert for his insight and love of nature! ❤️🌲

    Liked by 1 person

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