Uniquely Perfect

Today a friend used the phrase “uniquely perfect” to describe a piece of art. It keeps repeating in my mind, so I had to go looking for something uniquely perfect in my photos.

I was the only person walking a trail at a local wildlife refuge. This orb spider was hanging right over my head when I noticed it. First I screamed “Oh my God!” -honestly because I don’t like spiders much…ok, at all. After I stepped away and caught my breath, again I said outloud, “Oh My God!”

As much as I don’t like spiders, I had never seen one this color before. It was climbing a single thread. If you zoom in you can see it. The patterns on its body and the graceful movements it made were fascinating. It was uniquely perfect and it had my full attention. If we approached more things in life with that sense of wonder, maybe it would feel like an amazing place all the time.

Tomorrow I will show you what my friend saw fit to call – uniquely perfect.

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