Crappy Hiatus

A one week hiatus turned into a whole month after the sudden death of my husband on my 5th day of vacation while I was 800 miles away. 

He keeps prompting me to “get back to celebrating life” though, so I showed up. 

I am sharing this photo today for a couple of reasons: one, that I identified with it because I am having a crappy (not my ideal word) day emotionally, but also because how many of us have ever seen a bald eagle take a poop, much less have to sidestep getting hit by it?  She was aiming at me for real!

The metaphor made me laugh, and I needed that today…sidestep the crap and go on. Future days will likely be the same, until the crap stops aiming at me so often. I will keep sidestepping…my new dance through life. 

4 thoughts on “Crappy Hiatus

  1. Cathy Handke (Gutenberg, IA)

    Lost my husband, Jerry in July after 55 years together! I certainly can relate to ‘ crappy days’! Just take it a day at a time. Good ones are there but not often enough!
    Take care🙏 So sorry for your loss

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