More Slices 

Yesterday I talked about slices of life being a series of one-time moments that will never be exactly the same. I like this topic and I have a terabyte of slices to share 😁

All of these photos were taken of beautiful Lake Bistineau while standing on the same short pier at a boat launch in Bienville Parish, on the Southeast side of the lake. 

Seen side-by-side, it’s easy to perceive the difference in seasons, water levels, and times of day. Each moment a gift of its’ own, and I recall each one. Go on, go collect some slices now. 


Skywatching is a passion of mine. Constantly changing, taking on a new face every second, but consistent enough to trust that it’s always there. 

These sunrise photos were taken from the same spot on three different days. I love how beautiful these shots were in the moment, but within a few minutes were completely changed or even gone. 

Slices of life; that’s all we have. Collect the beautiful ones.