Cypress Neighbors

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If you have visited a swamp or lake in Louisiana you have likely seen the showy white great egrets and blue herons. Many though, have never seen other friends that live amongst the cypress trees.

Alligators, of course, can be found in nearly every Louisiana waterway. I have been told that if their belly is off the ground and they are on all four feet, you are already too late to run! They are more scared of us than aggressive towards us.

There are plenty of varieties of frogs, and reptiles. I try to stay well away from snakes!

Fish, of course, and CRAWFISH! The fourth photo is a crawfish “chimney”.  This isn’t a very tall one, but you can definitely see the definition in each of the balls that the crawfish rolled to the top to make room for his water-filled silo, in preparation for dry times.

I love the cypress and Spanish moss, but it does give me delight to encounter so much of the wildlife that live among the trees – minus the snakes.  Sorry.

8 thoughts on “Cypress Neighbors

  1. Reblogged this on Sharon E. Cathcart and commented:
    One of my favorite parts of researching “Bayou Fire” was my time spent out on an actual bayou, Bayou Bœuf. The variety of wildlife was amazing. I was there during brumation season, so did not see any alligators … but I surely did see a lot of other things. I was surprised by how beautiful and peaceful it was Great photographs here.

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    1. Kristine Carrier

      Thank you! I am so happy to hear you had that experience! Everyone should get the chance to fall in love with a swamp 😊


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