Hints of Human (5 photos)

File Jul 26, 11 59 54 AMFile Jul 26, 12 00 14 PMFile Jul 26, 12 00 39 PMFile Jul 26, 12 00 56 PMFile Jul 26, 12 01 14 PM

Whether it is a bobber caught on a branch, a trap swinging from a tree, or a whole houseboat that drifted in, humans always seem to leave their mark on the lake. I have found so much trash that it is disgusting and I refuse to photograph it. The subtle hints are what grab my attention.

Most of these are discovered when the lake is on a draw-down. I don’t mind as much the paths that are made by four wheelers and off road vehicles, as long as I am not seeing destruction. Some of them are actually picturesque. And occasionally, a good-natured human doesn’t leave a hint, but jumps out in full spirit and gives you the peace sign 🙂

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