Cypress Sentinels

File Jul 24, 9 25 20 PMFile Jul 24, 9 29 34 PMFile Jul 24, 9 46 31 PM

Morning, noon, and night, the cypress trees on Lake Bistineau remain vigilant, constant keepers of the lake.  These photos show trees at sunrise, late afternoon, and evening. Moods are different in each photo, but what is so consistent is that these trees are steadfast in not only their size, but also the importance of their placement of the lake.

During draw-down of this lake, the trees become recognizable markers for people who travel out onto the dry lake bed.  I definitely have “go to” trees that are my favorite to photograph.

Once again today, I can’t help but see the analogy between humans and cypress trees. Throughout the years of my life, I have come to know that certain people show up as my “rock” –  and consistently show up, and are dependable.  Cypress trees?  Check.  Indeed.

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