Cypress Personalities

File Jul 24, 4 02 34 PMFile Jul 24, 4 01 24 PMFile Jul 24, 4 05 48 PM

The weather and environment definitely have an effect on how I perceive cypress trees, but individually, each one carries its own personality.  Truly, their growth isn’t an observable event, so each time I visit, they appear to remain steadfast.  Storms may cause them to drop a branch or some moss, but they become as familiar as going to visit my own family.

I have to tell you about the middle photo.  The lake that I live on has a draw down each year, and this photo was taken when the water level was down about 7 feet.  Those “arms” that first made me giggle, and later caused me to gasp in wonder, would never be seen if the water was at normal level.

It reminded me of humans; how we have things “going on” under our surface.  More traits, more for others to get to know, more personality.  Yes, these trees truly are kin to me.

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