Cypress Textures

File Jul 23, 1 39 46 PMbarkFile Jul 23, 1 22 16 PM10-24-10 Lake B burned 054cleaves

These cypress trees keep me fascinated every time we meet. So much personality and each is unique. They don’t seem to mind me getting my hands on the many textures when I can.

The first photo is the whole ball of wax for me. The bark, the moss, the branches, and placement in the group. It stands out from the crowd and it is one of my most favorite cypress trees in Lake Bistineau.  Standing underneath feels like being in a cathedral.

The next photos are the textures of peeling bark, smooth uncovered wood, dried moss and sap on the exterior, and frost-covered leaves that have fallen to the ground.

Again today I had difficulty choosing photos from my vast library of shots.  Most frustrating, I could not locate my closeup photos of cypress balls.  Cypress balls are the “fruit” of the tree and can be planted to start new ones.  Maybe I will find them soon and share.

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