Cypress Seasons





Spending inordinate amounts of time with cypress trees gains one a significant library of photographs that span all of the seasons, morning, noon, and night.

First is a favorite spring photo; new leaves on the cypress trees are bright green, contrasted in the early morning sunrise and misty fog when mornings are still cool.

Second, a summer photo of what happens when cypress life is in full swing in the heat and humidity.  Visitors are out on the lake and enjoying their activities, whether they understand how healing the lake is or not.

And then fall….ahh, fall.  Temps and humidities are both dropping.  So are the cypress leaves after they turn brilliant oranges and reds.  The lake glows at sunset.

Winter.  It is a bittersweet season.  Trees and plants go dormant, although lake life doesn’t.  It’s a chance to recharge the batteries; to have our own dormant period, to relax and reflect.

I can’t say that any season is my favorite; I love them all.  I enjoy the energy and beauty that each brings to the cypress….and to me.  Thanks Mamma N.

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