3 thoughts on “Illuminated

  1. Since we’ve been talking on different sites, I have a question. That’s a beautiful picture. I never made that picture. What do you want to do better or different than that?

    If you are talking about blog site growth, drop out about half those keywords. WordPress says that anything over a combination of 15 descriptors and keywords gets dropped by Google and nobody on the outside world can find your blog.

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    1. Kristine Carrier


      Good question. Deepening my personal connection with Nature is #1. Getting better at expressing it in blog is #2. I had no clue about the keywords. Have always read to use as many as possible.

      Lucky me to have guides like you along the way. Much appreciated.

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      1. It really just all depends on what you want from photography and your blog. Using keywords should be fairly limited to what is in the picture, not what you want the picture to be. Back in the old days, we used to load up the keywords in order to limit production time. It didn’t work because it often mislead people searching for pictures. Today Google sees that as trying to game the system.

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