A Cypress Story

11-10-13 lakeb 341b

Standing amidst a group of beautiful cypress trees, I stopped in the middle of setting up a shot because I heard a very distinct voice deep inside me, “Let them tell you their story”.  While this isn’t the first time I’ve experienced a Divine connection like that, I quickly dismissed it and continued to set up my shot.  I heard it again, a bit more urgent; “Let THEM tell YOU their story”.  That time it got my attention and the interpretation was unmistakable.

The sudden realization brought tears to my eyes.  Here I was among these grand, gentle giants, thinking that I was going to tell their story through photographs.  It was never my story to tell.  After that I simply took my time and photographed what really moved me.

Because those cypress are generally surrounded by water and not human feet, I was acutely aware of feeling like I had entered someone’s private home while they were gone.  I remained respectful and left without any sign that I had been there.

The photos I took that day were some of the best that I had taken in a while.

Thank you once again Mother Nature, and especially my cypress friends.

3 thoughts on “A Cypress Story

  1. One of the most profound experiences I’ve ever had was a quiet afternoon out on Bayou Boeuf, listening to the cypress, saw grass, and birds. Your photograph is lovely, and it does indeed tell the story.


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