Reminiscing about my Grandma James today opened my eyes to how my mind has functioned like a camera throughout my lifetime – taking snapshots of beloved people, places, and odds and ends.

The word “essence” rang in my ears several times before I put two and two together and understood that the random images that my mind’s eye has recalled for years connect me to feelings.  Like the comforting, warm touch of my grandma’s hand, the overwhelming smell of the Rose Milk lotion she used, and my excitement at the sound when she dropped spare change into that fuzzy cocker spaniel bank that she got me.

More than simply capturing memories, my mind grasped the nature of who she was and her essence lives within me.

Now that I have a photographer’s perspective, I have been pondering how essences are captured in my images.  Do they speak in a way that words never will?   Have I connected with the subject so well that people “feel” the message years from now?  Grandma’s inspiration has taken me to a whole new place in more ways than one.

Thank you Grandma, I send you my love.

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