I See Rainbows (7 photos)

I believe we are walking through unseen rainbows at all times; if the conditions are right, there is potential for a rainbow in any space.

Yesterday’s post started the ball rolling.  I’ve always had a difficult time putting what I see into words, so photos help.  The header on this blog is a rainbow of single shots.  Now there is a rainbow of multiple shots of Louisiana nature icons.  Enjoy ~

Thanks Mamma N 🙂







Louisiana Rainbow

A poem to my beloved, Robert, with my thanks to Mother Nature for inspiration…


Love me when I am PINK,

when I am delicate and beautiful,

the gentle soul I was born to be.

File Jun 29, 8 26 59 PM

Love me when I am GREEN,

when I am growing by leaps and bounds,

until you see me blossom right before your eyes.

File Jun 29, 8 27 20 PM

Love me when I am YELLOW,

when the glow around me encompasses you

and we share the light of our souls.

File Jun 29, 8 28 08 PM

Love me when I am BLUE,

when you are drawn to hold me and comfort me most,

when we are one at heart.

File Jun 29, 8 29 16 PM