Divine Wind

I want to show you what the wind looks like. You might try to say you don’t see it, but as surely as the moon moves the tides or the sun moves the trees and plants, the force called wind comes like a hand across the surface of the lake, causing ripples and waves. In ancient times this was seen as magical and it is no different today. I choose to see the magical, the mystical, the Divine in all creation. 


Every day, without effort, the most amazing things reveal themselves to me; sunsets that take my breath away, honeybees swarming the fragrant blooming wisteria, the tree frog seeking shelter on the porch, and that hoot owl in the backyard who only gets loud after dark. 

Being a photographer makes it all special because I can capture those moments into permanent memory. Years of experience has gifted me as well with the ability to recognize those exceptional times by a feeling I get. I call it the “ahhh”. All things aligned in that perfect moment let me know it is meant to be. 

In addition to the feeling that has become so familiar to me, I am very fortunate to live in this state of constant beauty, Louisiana…or as I call it, Louisianahhh. 


I love how Nature always has a message for me. Deep into spring, I am careful to watch the daily changes in the landscape. Each day new flowers and trees are blooming. The top row of buds on this wisteria opened this morning. Lightly covered in pine pollen, its petals popped out with exhuberance. Kind of like the 2017 me, I thought. It’s my year to say YES and so many fantastic things have been coming my way. I am emerging too…with exhuberance!!