The huge oak leaves that catch a breeze and drift their path to the ground somewhere at the end of the year in what we call “Louisiana Autumn” fascinate me.  Easily bigger than my hand, it is the veins that stand out to me.  The network of life, once full of vitality, ended. Oh, how could it be that this same process will happen to me one day?  My own energy will wane, leave me, and I too, will find my path to the ground.

Perhaps that’s why seasons exist; each time, a chance to grow and perfect our lives, to become what we feel is our best self.

Looking at this leaf fills me with wonder and respect for the life it was. Hoping that when my life has come to an end that others can feel the same about me.

“Crisp, fall leaves rustle, whispering a message that only my soul can understand.”  -KC

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