Agate Friend (6 of 6 in a series)

2016-08-17 22.16.44 HDR

Memories of my grandma immediately come to mind when I look at this precious agate. She frequently nurtured the “rock hound” in me, taking me to a secluded area of town where big machinery dredged the floor of the Mississippi River and dumped the riverbed rocks into huge piles. We would look for hours through the multi-colored stones just to find the precious agates. My minds’ eye clearly recalls the day that I found this friend agate, whooping and hollering until it echoed. This was the biggest agate I had ever found and the lines are so beautiful inside the reddish exterior.

Agate Friend’s Message: Look closely at my color and shape. Years of flowing water and sand have semi-polished me and enhanced my heart shape. I have been your center, your heart stone for many, many years. I represent your passion and joy and remind you of what it felt like to find something so simple, yet precious. I ask you to not only remember that your heart will connect with the most simple things in life, but to know that those are the most precious and dear.  Also, whoop and holler once in a while and celebrate your delights along the way!

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