Arrowhead Friend (4 of 6 in a series)

2016-08-17 22.17.28 HDR

An arrowhead from my family collection, found in a field on the James family farm near Millville, IA.  This one has the tip broken off, so it was not included in the collection of intact arrowheads.  It means loads to me simply because a Native American held it and created it, and holding that piece of history is priceless.

Arrowhead Friend’s Message: My message is brief but strong. You notice that my tip is broken. Some might view  me as “imperfect” but it means that I accomplished the mission I was given. I achieved the intended throw and acquisition of food.  I will remind you that whenever you feel defeated or ready to give up, keep your focus, accomplish your mission, and the reward will be yours.

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