Sacred Stone Friend (3 of 6 in a series)

2016-08-17 22.16.25 HDR

This is a most precious stone to me that came from the home of the famous Louisiana artist, Clyde Connell.  I acquired it on a visit through the home when I was considering buying it.  She is the role model that inspires the artist in me.

Sacred Stone Friend’s Message: I know you carry feelings of guilt about “stealing” me from the home, but you need to know that, in fact, I had chosen YOU. Out of the hundreds of stones in the home and on the property, I was one of the smallest, hidden in a basket that appeared discarded.  Even though I was covered in dust, you recognized the signal I sent, and carried me home to remind you not only of the lady who is such an inspiration to you, but also to be a constant reminder to draw on Nature and the world around you as your inspiration.  Also, please do be gentle on yourself, like the smooth softness you feel when you hold me in your hand.

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