Holey Stone Friend (2 0f 6 in a series)

2016-08-17 22.17.02 HDR

This is a holey stone that our friend James Nihan sent us from the Piney River in Tennessee.  A precious gift, and anything that reminds me of him, his music, and our retreats in TN makes me smile.

Holey Stone Friend’s Message: Beyond being a gift from a friend and holding fond memories, I symbolize how to adapt to surrounding as I did by allowing water to flow through as well as around me. This created a “path of least resistance” and allowed me to “travel” downstream much more than other stones that stayed in place for years.  It can be the same for you and I will serve to remind you to remain open at your center and allow life to move fluidly through you and around you, and serve to assist you on your path.

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