The Stone People (1 of 6 in a series)

I decided to once again carry a medicine bag with me every day. It will actually be my inspiration bag.

After laying down to sleep last night, I spent a few minutes thinking about what to put in the bag. I concluded to use only my most precious stones that I have collected over the years.

First would be the holey stone that our friend James Nihan sent us from the Piney River in Tennessee. A precious gift, and anything that reminds me of James, his music, and our retreats in TN makes me smile.

Next is a stone that came from the home of infamous Louisiana artist Clyde Connell. I acquired it on a visit through the home when I was considering buying it. She is the role model that inspires the artist in me.

Third, an arrowhead from my family collection, found on the James family farm near Millville, Iowa. This is one that has the tip broken off, so it was not included in the collection of intact arrowheads. It means loads to me simply because a Native American created it, and holding that piece of history is invaluable.

Also, a piece of petrified wood from near our Louisiana home. Robert and I had been on a walk in the woods shortly after I moved here, when he came across it and gave it to me. I simply like carrying a piece of Louisiana with me, and petrified wood is not too common.

And one would be the agate that I found on the island in Guttenberg, IA and is the biggest one of all i have ever found. Even more special, my grandma took me to search that day at the big river bed rock pile that was dredged out from the Mississippi River, my “homeland”.

So laying in the dark, my mind’s eye saw each of these 5 stones in the palm of my hand. I smiled at them, and felt so appreciative to have them in my collection of nature gifts.

Then, in a state that I cannot be sure was awake, asleep, or somewhere in between, the stones took turns one by one, and each floated up from my hand to eye level and hung in the air. For each stone, I empathically told it why I had chosen it, and thanked it.

Then, to my surprise, each had a story to tell me!

Over the next 5 days, I will feature each stone and its’ message in separate blog posts. Keep checking!

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