But Whyyyyy?

File Aug 12, 10 09 28 AM

The feeling of watching the sunset last night was so strong throughout all of me that it must have jogged memories that got me to wondering about the “whys” in life.

Young children to frequently ask “Why?” It’s a stage where we are learning how the world works and how it responds to us. We question the function and existence of things so our minds can accept and understand. Why do I have to go to bed?  Why is broccoli yukky? Why did goldfish die?

Now that I am so much older, I still ask “Why?” but for different reasons. That question relates to my feelings, not my knowledge. I wonder why sunsets and flowers and rain clouds and dragonflies make me FEEL so great! Why do I smile so much? Why do I enjoy peace and quiet? I don’t even need the knowledge of having them figured out to get good feelings about them.

So WHY did it take me so long to recognize this?  WHY would I even want to question it?

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