Faith in Gray

I left the office today and the skies were overcast. I was almost happy about that after our recent triple digits. I thought, “this gray is good!”  

The analogy came to me immediately. The stress I am feeling about all of the polarized topics lately, politics, social issues, personal issues, etc., has left me without my gray areas (comfort zones). Feeling too strongly one way or another or thinking that anything needs to be “black or white” is out of balance for me. 

I miss my gray areas. But I do have faith that I am in the process of getting back there. I have faith in gray. 

3 thoughts on “Faith in Gray

  1. Sandra Lee Tatum

    Absolutely beautiful. It’s the space between the thoughts that holds the potential for creation. It’s the space between the stars in the sky, as well, where the nagual awareness merges from nothingness. The grey area of tranquility is the perfect place to float for awhile- a respite from choppy waves and turbulent winds.

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