Don’t Diss the Smartphone Camera

PicMonkey Collage

After spending several years of lugging around a fully loaded camera bag, my shoulder and hip screamed at me to give them a break. But I couldn’t imagine going anywhere without my big ol’ Canon DSLR and accessories. What if I missed a shot?? I imagined how painful it would be so it went everywhere with me.

Until God gave us Smartphones.

Yes, the peace of mind that I constantly have a photographic source with me is priceless. There is never a missed shot. Could they be better with the Canon? Maybe. Probably. The phone camera allows me to go places that I wouldn’t necessarily tote the Canon to. Phone photos can be shared to social media instantly and everyone else is looking at your shots on a smartphone too, so it looks as great to them as it does to you.

Every photo in the collage above was taken with an iPhone camera of various models. I am a long time believer that the best photos happen when the photographer is in the right place at the right time.  So don’t let yourself believe that you “need” a DSLR.  Whether you have a smartphone, a point and shoot, or a DLSR, learn to use it and get out into the big world and get your snaps on.

Make good use of smartphone photo apps also. Some of my favorite basic (and mostly free) apps are:

1. Aviary

2. Picsplay

3. SuperPhoto

4. Perfect365

5. PerfectPhoto

The Journey Begins!

Welcome to my blog!  I am thrilled to have you along on my moment by moment journey of discovery and connection with Nature.  Quite often you will see me call her “Mother Nature” or “Mamma N”. Constantly in a state of being nurtured and fulfilled; that’s how Nature feels to me.

I love dragonflies, and I ADORE Louisiana Bald Cypress trees draped in Spanish Moss. You’ll see lots of those. They are quite often like steady and ever-present kinfolk to me. The pic was taken while I was hugging this one in Bienville Parish at Lake Bistineau.

Please, invite others along on our journey to remembering that we are one big, and hopefully, happy family.  Thanks!

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