cover pic2My focus is on educating and inspiring the passionate photographer to not only find the right equipment, but use it to create stunning photos that communicate more than what is seen by the eye.

I like to keep things “real”.  That makes sense to me because a photo cannot be anything but reality.  Only minimally do I change an original photo; to crop or adjust lighting, but I do not own Photoshop.

So I like to suggest:

  1. If you have interest in the direction of photography, honor it.
  2. Choose equipment that meets your current level of expertise or slightly beyond so you can grow into it soon.  A photo isn’t made by the camera; it is created by the photographer.  Yes, smartphones are acceptable!!!
  3. As you move through your photographic experience, decide how you will file your photos, but always keep a special or “secret” file just for you – your most favorite photos – the ones that bring tears of joy or despair to your eyes.  These are photos that hold a special story for you. One day, when you are ready to share them, your story will move people in unexpected ways.
  4. Share the bulk of your photos.  They reflect you and your heart, your passion, and your message.  Enjoy any feedback to keep your talent growing.
  5. Seek out information and advice along the way, and watch the artfulness of your photography expand.
  6. Don’t compare your photos to anyone else’s.  They are your creation alone, your inspiration, a message that your heart manifested.  There is no comparison; only creation.

Kristine Carrier

8 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. It is wonderful that you love where you live and you get to be there with a man you love too!! And, you get to take wonderful nature pictures in an area much like the Everglades and Big Cypress Swamp of Florida. My sister lives in Baton Rouge and while visiting a few years ago I talked her into going to the Alligator Bayou boat ride. That place amazed me with how flooded the poor dying cypress trees were. It was beautiful and stark at the same time. I understood that they redirected the Mississippi some and that flooded the Bayou. Cypress need their feet in the water but also some dry spells to thrive. I heard that it did closer down. You probably know more of that spot. Thanks for the follow and sharing your neck of the woods with your writing and photos.

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